More money would make a big difference in your life; you’ve thought it, we have too. Even just a little, tiny bit more could lift you up! That’s why you buy the scratch tickets, go to the BINGO hall, and enter the 50/50 draws. It doesn’t cost you much to try, and you can’t win if you don’t play.

And what if you do win? What then? You’d pay off all of your debt, of course. Treat your folks to a new car, boat, or even a house. Buy a mansion with waterfront views. Travel the world! It would be so much fun!

And you could let go of so much stress!

And…and then what? Okay, great, you’ve let go of stress and you’ve got all this stuff. What are you going to do with your life, now? We have a tendency to perceive all work and all stress Win the lottery FBas bad. We have to remember that some stress is exhilaration, it’s the joy of finishing a marathon, it’s the satisfaction of a new recipe that turned out, it’s fighting traffic through rush hour to have dinner with your best friend. Some stress is good, you just have to remember that and practice spotting the difference between good and bad stress.

We have to think along these lines even when we don’t win the lottery; because odds are that we won’t. That’s not a downer, for many of us that’s probably for the best – a high percentage of those who come into big money lose it in short order.

By whichever means you come into the money you have, however much of it you have, be prepared to invest! Financially, of course, you want to invest there but also invest your time, your efforts, your good stress into those parts of life that provide you with a high quality of life. You won’t look back at the end of your life and count your dollars.

Experience the world! That one really isn’t a bad idea at all! Whether you’re into travel, or just want to search out events and locations within your city, taking time to get outside and experience new landscapes, traditions, and artistry is incredibly rewarding. You will grow your knowledge, your compassion, and your sense of what is truly important in your life from your journeys. Make the best memories by taking these adventures on with friends and family

Engage with your local communities, in your neighbourhood, city, or special interest groups in your area. It’s gratifying to interact with people who share the same passion for this one thing that you do that no one else in your family or circle of friends does. There is a soul-satisfying joy from joining a knitting circle, book club, or pack walks for you and your dog. Be extra ambitious and host a family reunion!

Challenging yourself to grow by tackling new interests or finally acting on dreams from days gone by is good stress on so many levels. Spend your time on meeting these goals, which probably include furthering your education – online classes count! As well as trying new forms of exercise, learning a new art form, and even finishing DIY home renovation projects you’ve been staring at on your Pinterest boards for years and years.

One more thing to do, whether you win the lottery or don’t bother to play at all: budget! Talk to a financial advisor and set yourself up for success as soon as possible. Bad stress is manageable, and it’s okay to ask for help, always.

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