For almost four years, I’ve been trying to find the right words for this blog. Today, I just decided to take the bull by the horn and share my feelings.

We all do it, it’s a necessary evil, we research content online. Most of us interpret what we find and write content in our style, whether its for the website or a blog. What is NOT acceptable is someone copying content from other sources word for word and then claiming it as their own.

Henna4You found itself in such a situation. I investigated, once a few clients brought it to my attention. I was very upset and angry when I found a competitor with all my website content word for word.

Not Cool To Steal FBI contacted a few writer friends who confirmed that Canadian law states that you have copyright to anything you’ve written as soon as the words are on paper (or computer). With this in mind, I asked her very politely to change it but in turn, she had the audacity to say that I stole it. I was furious. For those of you who know me really well, you know I don’t do well in situations where I’ve been wrongly accused. I go out of my way to prove them wrong. The worst part, her email indicated that English was definitely her second language. So was it her kids, husband or another family member that decided to steal my website content? It still doesn't make it right.

I had to really calm down, go to yoga, meditate and take a few deep breaths, so I didn’t take any irrational steps. A lawyer confirmed I could easily win my case as I had proof that I owned all the original documentation and time stamps on my computer and website. I also didn’t want a fight on my hands, so I decided to be the better person and asked a professional to re-write all the content for my website. I was too upset to write it again.

My husband, told me to take it as compliment because I had built a great reputation and someone else wanted to follow in my footsteps. You try telling that to someone who spent months writing and tweaking. It was a labour of love because I wanted it to sound unique, like me, a British-Indian. Plus I had spent years building SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which was making it so much harder to accept.

I feel the need to remind those that the community in K-W region is very close-knit. I’ve spent years building Henna4You’s reputation and all these absolutely fabulous and amazing relationships since moving to the area in 2004 from London, England, I always hear those being unkind through jealously and greed. There is enough business for all of us, you just need to grow slowly.

Yoga and meditation say, I should let it go, but it is hard. Even today, I have great difficulty wrapping my head around taking it as compliment and I’m sure my blood pressure goes up a few notches every time I think about it.

I've had my rant and shared with the Universe. I am a great believer in karma. Karma is a bitch and it will always come back to bite you in the ass!!