Summer’s over and we’ve got the kids back on a proper sleep schedule, we’re making lunches every night, and everyone’s back to school or work, as per usual. A month into the new school year and you’ve finally got a moment, and you think; my GOSH that took me a lot of work! Herding your family back into a healthy routine sets them up for success, so it’s a worthwhile effort. How have you incorporated your own self-care into your family’s routine?

I know what you’re thinking: What has this got to do with henna? I’ll tell you! Henna is an ancient form of TLC. Ancient civilizations across Africa and Asia used intricate henna designs to symbolize joy, strength, and protection. And it’s still done in cultural celebrations for rites of passage: weddings, babies, and the like. But it’s also used as a sense of self-expression, and we know how good it feels to take time for yourself. Like going to get your hair done, or booking a weekend away with the girls. Even just going for a walk on a sunny day.

You work your guts out to make sure your family or your work team or your volunteer group is on task. I commend you for your enterprising spirit, and I remind you that you’ve got take care of YOU, too. It’s very BTS Self Care FBeasy to fill up your week without setting aside time to take care of your mental and physical health. To avoid our own happiness. Not sure where to start? With the small things is a great place.

Let’s look at lunches. You take care to pick out things that your kids will eat, but what about things that you want to eat and that are good for you? If you’re spending all of your grocery budget on the kids likes and wants, it’s time to teach everyone about compromise. And just because your kids aren’t allowed to take something to school – like nuts, or seeds – due to an allergy in the classroom, you can still choose those things for your own snacks and lunches. Nuts and seeds are packed with energy-boosting proteins and skin-soothing healthy fats. Quinoa salad comes in a ton of variations and it’s really tasty!

Okay, now step it up a bit and look at your hobbies and social life. My dears, you cannot spend your children’s entire childhood driving them to this, that and the other thing without making time for adult conversation, a workout, or time spent with your art. Talk to other parents whose kids are in dance or soccer and set up a carpool. Find a friend or family member who would be willing to be on the driving schedule once a month. Talk to other busy parents and find out how they manage. But make time for the things you want to do in your life before it passes you by. This includes date night!

Lastly, but most importantly, work on reducing stress. My favourite ways are with yoga and meditation. They take no set up, can be done anywhere, and are easily adaptable to any situation. I’ll have some great blog posts coming soon about getting started with more mindful ways of reducing stress and loving life. In the meantime, check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

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