We can all relate to this moment: You receive yet another invitation to attend a birthday party, anniversary party, baby shower, wedding, or graduation and you think for a moment, Do I really need to go? It’s difficult not only to fit a fete into our jammed schedules, it’s also a challenge to find the energy to celebrate our friends and family as they deserve on their big day. And so, that little voice inside suggests that maybe we skip this one.

Adjust your mindset towards party invitations and you might just do your health a favour. Rather than focusing about how this party is going to affect you, think about why you should go. It’s your best friend, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you would appreciate the support for your own celebration, you love the family member turning 75…and how about because you’re grateful to have them in your life?

Studies on the effects of gratitude on human health – mental and physical – have been ongoing for decades, as referenced in this excellent article on Psychology Today, Science Proves That Gratitude Is Key to Well-Being. Scientific research focused on gratitude has been in the spotlight more often as our society embraces quality mental health, and because the effects of gratitude continuously prove to be positive.

Mentally, those who practice gratitude in a variety of manners, from writing letters and journal entries to meditation, demonstrated stronger mental health. Science has recently taken that several steps further Party FBand examined brain activity while conducting some of these experiments and the physical effects support the mental ones. The regions of the brain hardest at work when you’re expressing gratitude are related to your personal reward system – you feel good because you’re doing good. Watch this 60-second video on Scientific American, Gratitude on the Brain, which brilliantly and succinctly explains what the brain does when you practice gratitude. 

While you’re at that party, hosting that party, or the one being celebrated at the party, go in with an open mind and soak up the feelings of love, affection, friendship, and support along with gratitude to boost your mood. Address your negativity with positive affirmations. If you’re worried that you won’t know anyone, be excited about making new friends or look forward to having a refreshing chat with someone you don’t know.

Concerned that there will be conflict? Accept that it’s a possibility and decide what your response will be, even if it’s just to walk away – this is a party, not a boxing ring. Stressing out about the time you’re taking away from something else? Think of all of the benefits you’ll gain from the party, how delighted the host and guest of honour will be, and work ahead to resolve that time crunch.

We have to work hard on thinking positively, but it’s worth it!

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