A while back we talked about how to take the stress out of birthday party planning, but now we want to talk about making art the focus of your party.

First, let’s make the case for including art in your life to begin with:

Top 4 Reasons You Need Art In Your Life by Henna4You

  1. Art inspires us to succeed. Whether that inspiring artistic display is visual art, music, dance, or the written word you can conjure a piece in your mind right now that caught your eye then stole your heart and made you believe that you could achieve your dream, or even just put one foot in front of the other.
  2. Art brings people together. Both in the community spirit and localized, whether at a concert, an art showing, or simply a “hey, check out this song!” message shared between friends.
  3. Creating art provides a safe space for thoughtfulness. Even if all you do is sit down to colour or decorate birthday party invitations with stickers, you occupy your body while giving your mind room to breathe, to problem solve, and simply catch up with your thoughts.
  4. It’s really fun! When you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends or family you might first think of going to the movies or a park, but think back to the last time you pulled out the paints or modelling dough? That was really fun! So is taking an art class, scrapbooking, dancing, and writing poetry.

Add Art To Party FBSee, you don’t need to haul the whole birthday party out to an event space and drag the cake and decorations with you: set up an art project at home instead! No matter the age, there’s an art project just perfect for your theme.

Here are some ideas:

  • Colouring – any age appropriate! If it’s for the kids, set them up at the dining room table or right on the kitchen floor! If it’s adults, put on a fantastic playlist or a favourite movie in the background. Have Henna4You personalize a mandala colouring page for your party! Contact us at the number below for details.
  • Paint by numbers – yes, this still exists!
  • Polymer clay creation – bake and take or guests can make a gift for the birthday person!
  • Karaoke – video game-style, rent a machine, or rock out with a hair brush!
  • Poetry contest – Write a haiku using the birthday person’s name!
  • Group story writing – everyone gets a piece of paper and writes one sentence, then each paper is passed to the right and another sentence is added. Repeat until all guests have added a sentence, then read them out loud!

There are many art facilities available to rent or entertain you and your guests if you are game to host off premise. Check out galleries and studios for hosted events like painting or dance lessons, look for paint-your-own pottery and clay workshops, and don’t forget about our mandala drawing workshops! If you aren’t keen on creating with your group consider going to see a live performance of music, dance, or a play.

However you choose to include art in your birthday party, the memories will last a lifetime. Bring art to your party easily by booking Henna4You! Our artists come to you fully prepared to take on set-up and clean-up as well as have fun interacting with your guests as we talk about the art of henna or their favourite superhero! Call to book now at (519) 741 7007.